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Accountability framework


Accountability framework for the cloud

AccLab is a framework which  helps to write abstract accountability obligations and to check for consistency and compliance of the policies. This framework is interconnected with an accountability monitoring system called AccMon which provides means to monitor accountability policies in the context of a real system. The policies are based on a distributed temporal logic and the framework allows centralized or distributed monitoring and both on-line and off-line controls.


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The CNIL - Inria Prize has been awarded


The CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) and Inria have awarded the 2017 "privacy protection" prize to a European research team. During the 11th international conference Computers Privacy and Data Protection  (CPDP) to Seda GÜRSES, Carmela TRONCOSO and Claudia DIAZ for their article « Engineering privacy by design reloaded  ».


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