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Bertrand Braunschweig © Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli


Bertrand Braunschweig, coordinator Inria of the AI national programme


As part of the AI for Humanity Plan, Inria was commissioned to coordinate the research component of the national AI program. Bruno Sportisse has just appointed Bertrand Braunschweig as director of this mission.


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AI Strategy

AI for Humanity Plan


To make France a global leader in artificial intelligence, while reconciling ‘performance and humanity’: that was the ambitious goal set by the French President in March. The AI for Humanity strategy, developed on the basis of the report prepared by French Deputy Cédric Villani, relies extensively on research and innovation to spearhead the development of AI.  Inria will be coordinator of the research side of the plan.


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Anne Gégout-Petit - © L.Verger - CHRU Nancy

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Anne Gégout-Petit : « Countdown » …


The "intellectual game" aspect gave her a taste for mathematics very early on. She even wanted to pursue it as a career, thinking she did not have any practical options. Since then Anne Gégout-Petit has changed - as has the scientific environment - and she has developed a passion for statistical learning, thereby using her expertise to look for concrete solutions. Having been president of the French Statistical Society (SFdS) and now a professor at the University of Lorraine (UL), today she is head of BIGS (Biology, Genetics and Statistics) - a joint team between Inria Nancy - Grand Est and the IECL (Elie Cartan Institute of Lorraine).


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