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Celebrate our talents


On December 20th, during an event that will take place in the presence of Antoine Petit, CEO of Inria, and Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, President of the ERC (European Research Council),  ERC laureates will present the results of their projects that will prepare tomorrow's digital innovations, share their vision of the future of their discipline, discuss how best to ensure the economic and societal impact of our research, and provide candidates with their best advices for ERC candidates.

Place : Inria Nancy - Grand Est

Guest(s) : Antoine Petit, Jean-Pierre Bourguignon


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James Crowley James Crowley - © Inria / Photo J. Wallace

Internet Of Things

Connected objects that adapt to human behaviour


For a few months now, James Crowley, Professor at Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP), has been in charge of the new Pervasive Interaction team that develops theories for systems and services made of assembled smart objects. In honour of Inria's 50th anniversary, he is studying the future of connected objects. 


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© Inria / Photo J.-M. Ramès

Big data

The evolution and societal impact of digital platforms and systems.


For the last few months, Stéphane Grumbach, Inria senior researcher, has been head of the new Datasphere project team, at the Inria Research Centre in Grenoble. Datasphere project team is dedicated to big data domain and, above all, on its impact on the organization of society.
As Inria celebrates its 50th anniversary, he shares his own vision of how digital platform such as Google, Facebook and so on, will change the society in the next fifty years.


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Inria's 50th Anniversary

Lucia NICOLAI - 29/03/2018

On December 20th 2017, in the presence of Jean-Pierre BOURGUIGNON, President of the European Council of the Research (ERC) we invited ERC grantees to present their results, advances and ambitions. A precious opportunity to share their views on the future of their disciplines, discuss the best way of guaranteeing the economic and societal impact of the researches led in Inria Nancy Grand – Est Center as well as is and at our academic partners.


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