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Hervé Jegou, chercheur Inria

European Research Council 2013

Visual recognition made super scalable

Jean-Michel Prima - 13/11/2013

Freshly granted funding by the European Research Council (ERC), Inria scientist Hervé Jégou is to start a new project meant to explore methodologies that could automatically discover visual links between images. As he explains, a paradigm shift is needed to overcome the scalability problem resulting from the cross-matching of all the images within a giant collection.


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Television - Speech recognition

Smartly Segmenting TV For VOD

Jean-Michel Prima - 18/07/2012

It looks like a well-polished on-the-shelf HTML5 application. “But keep in mind that TexMix is actually a scientific demonstrator!  warns research engineer Sébastien Campion. Our main goal was to gather and display the various findings of our research team. So we essentially packed into a single piece of software all these algorithms that TexMex scientists came up with in recent years. A lot of this research was financed through the Quæro European project.”


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