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Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Inria researcher Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Inria researcher

Transfer of technology

Towards personally recommended web content

Jean-Michel Prima - 3/06/2014

Anne-Marie Kermarrec, a researcher at Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique research centre, is planning to found a start-up company based on her work on a scientific project funded by the European Research Council (ERC). Her aim is to help website publishers offer content that is individually tailored to the requirements of each user.


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Christophe Morvan, maître de conférences et membre de l'équipe SUMO

Transfert - Start-up

Tools for organising discussion processes

Jean-Michel Prima - 14/04/2016

Christophe Morvan - a scientist with the Sumo research team at the INRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique research centre - and his two partners are preparing to launch Open Agora, a startup that designs innovative computer-aided decision-making software.


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Open Agora : Olivier Bache, Christophe Morvan et Benoit Masson Open Agora : Olivier Bache, Christophe Morvan and Benoit Masson

Start up

Software for debating and voting

Jean-Michel Prima - 15/05/2017

Launched in Rennes as part of research carried out at Inria and Université Paris Est Marne-la-Vallée, Open Agora offers tools for businesses and local authorities to organise consultations that include voting.


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Jennifer Del Giudice Jennifer Del Giudice


Genomics analysis tools for university hospitals

Jean-Michel Prima (*) - 4/12/2017

Academic research has led to the development of many first-rate software applications for genome data processing. Enancio, a new start-up established out of the Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique research centre, is preparing to roll out a platform to facilitate the use and joint development of these applications. The service was created for hospital researchers and practitioners, particularly to help diagnose cancer.


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Aurélien Yol Aurélien Yol


An image analysis service for agriculture

Jean-Michel Prima (*) - 1/12/2017

Are the apricots ripe? Are insects threatening the squash? Have all the cows had their share of fodder? All questions that require the farmer or rancher to make rounds. The fruit of research into robotic vision at the Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique centre, one startup, Dilepix, is getting ready to offer an online image analysis service to automate monitoring and help save valuable time.


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La ministre Frédérique Vidal (au centre), entourée de Alban Pobla et Aurélien Yol, fondateurs de la start-up DILEPIX La ministre Frédérique Vidal (au centre), entourée de Alban Pobla et Aurélien Yol, fondateurs de la start-up DILEPIX

Award - Innovation

Dilepix, laureate of the i-Lab 2018 competition

Nathalie Lacaux (*) - 6/07/2018

The i-Lab , a national competition for the creation of innovative technology companies created by the Ministry of Research just 20 years ago, announced on Thursday, July 5th the 64 winners of the 2018 edition. On of them: the start-up DILEPIX, issue and accompanied by Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique research centre.


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Emmy Award for Golaem's Crowd Simulation Plugin

Jean-Michel Prima - 9/05/2019

A spin-off of Inria research center, French company Golaem just won a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award for its significant impact on the television industry. Its crowd simulation plugin enables VFX virtuosi to populate stadiums and build massive armies on a budget. The software recently played a crucial backstage role in HBO's Game of Thrones.


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Case Law Analytics

Start up

Artificial intelligence - quantifying legal risk

Jean-Michel Prima (*) - 16/05/2019

Divorce. Car accidents. Unfair competition. Wrongful dismissal. Many disputes result in one party being forced to pay a sum of money. An indicative scale is sometimes used to calculate the totals to be paid, something magistrates draw upon when it comes to reaching a ruling. In practice, however, there is often a discrepancy between this figure and the total that is actually paid, reflecting the particularities of each individual case that judges must take into account. As a result, it can be difficult to estimate the total amount of compensation in advance.


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Start up Dilepix à vivatech 2018 From left to right: Aurélien Yol & Alban Pobla from Dilepix and Eric Fleury, director of Inria De Paris

Evènement - Innovation

VivaTechnology: feedback from the Rennes-based start-up Dilepix

Nathalie Lacaux - 25/05/2018

The third edition of the VivaTechnology trade show runs from 24th to 26th May in Paris. This international event brings together thousands of start-ups, directors and thought leaders from across the world in order for them to invest, work together and exchange ideas. The Rennes-based start-up Dilepix, a company that began life within the Inria research centre in Rennes, was one of twelve Inria start-ups to participate at this major innovation event. We met with the company’s founders, Aurélien Yol and Alban Pobla, to find out how they got on.


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