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Central nervous system exploration

Rose-Marie Cornus - 14/10/2010

The purpose of the ATHENA project-team, created in July 2010, is to explore the central nervous system (CNS, brain and spinal cord) using computational imaging and the support of two major categories of methods: diffusion MRI (dMRI) and magneto-electroencephalography (MEEG). This team is led by Rachid Deriche.


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international chair

interview with Olivier Faugeras and Paul Bressloff


The NeuroMathComp project team led by Olivier Faugeras is using complex mathematical tools to better understand how the brain works. Paul Bressloff, mathematics professor at the University of Utah and international chair at Inria, is also participating in the project.


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ICMNS 2016

30/05/2016 to 1/06/2016

The Second International Conference on Mathematical NeuroScience (ICMNS) will be held at the Congress Center in Juan-les-Pins, on the French Riviera.

The goal of this event is to provide an interdisciplinary conference to bring together theoretical neuroscientists and mathematicians interested in using and extending mathematical concepts and methods for solving problems in neuroscience. In turn, we expect that the connections and insights gleaned through mathematics can pose future questions to experimental neuroscience.

Place : Congress Center Antibes Juin les Pins, France

Guest(s) : Wulfram Gerstner (EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland), John Rinzel (New York University, USA), Antoine Triller (ENS Paris, France)


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Brain and emotions

Semaine du cerveau 2017

13/03/2017 to 19/03/2017

The 19th edition of the "Semaine du cerveau" will take place from 13 to 19 March 2017 throughout France.
The theme proposed by the "Université Côte d'Azur" this year will be "Brain and Emotions".
You can find here more information on this event as of January.


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International Conference on Mathematical NeuroSciences (ICMNS 2018)

10/06/2018 to 13/06/2018

The 4th International Conference on Mathematical NeuroScience (ICMNS) will be held at the Congress Center in Juan-les-Pins, June 10 to 13, 2018

Place : Antibes - Juan les Pins, Congress center France


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European Research Council 2015

Rachid Deriche wins ERC Advanced Grant 2015

Anne Schneider - 27/04/2016

Rachid Deriche, an exceptional grade research director at Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée, where he heads the ATHENA project team, has been awarded a European Research Council grant in the Advanced category for the CoBCoM project, at the crossroad between mathematics, information technology, and neuroimaging.

ERC Advanced Grants are awarded under the "Excellent Science" pillar of the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, and are attributed to senior researchers recognised as leaders in their field and whose proposal for ground-breaking research has the potential to significantly push back the frontiers of science.


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