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ENBIS-18, Annual Conference of the European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics

2/09/2018 to 6/09/2018

The 18th annual conference "ENBIS" conference of the European network of commercial and industrial statistics will be hosted this year by "Elie Cartan Institute of Lorraine" and will take place from September 2 to 6 at the Ecole des Mines de Nancy. Anne Gégout-Petit, professor at the University of Lorraine and head of the Inria BIGS research team, chairs the organizing committee for the 2018 edition.

Place : Ecole des Mines, campus Artem, Nancy


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Scientific outreach

MATh.en.JEANS: the perfect equation between maths and computer science!


Place : Nancy

Guest(s) : Marie Duflot-Kremer, Erwan Kerrien


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ReaDiNet 2019

23/09/2019 to 25/09/2019

This conference will gather international experts from the CNRS 'ReaDiNet' group in France, Japan, Korea and Taiwan in the fields of mathematical analysis for biology and ecology.

Place : Centre de Recherche Inria Nancy - Grand Est


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