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Internet of things

Traxens has invented smart containers


Last September, when a container disappeared from the Port of Montreal, it took two days to find it... by which time it had been emptied of its load of silver ingots worth 10 million dollars. If this container had been equipped with the device created by TRAXENS in collaboration with the Fun project team of Inria Lille - North Europe, this expensive misadventure might have been able to be avoided.


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The algorithm making it easier to access local products


The start-up "Le Chemin des Mûres " has developed an intelligent transportation solution for the distribution of local farm produce. Its tailored software program calculates rounds that are optimised from start to finish, enabling growers to pool their deliveries together and to save both time and money while supporting the local economy. This tool, developed within Inria in collaboration with the Inocs * team, is part of a wider environmental strategy aimed at reducing the impact of transport at a global level.


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