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IceSL makes 3D printing simple

Marine Loyen - 3/12/2015

In 2012, Sylvain Lefebvre, a Research Associate working in the ALICE team at the Inria Nancy - Grand Est Research Centre, obtained a five-year European Research Council (ERC) grant to develop systems to make 3D printing more accessible. Together with one of his doctoral researchers, Jérémie Dumas, he presents IceSL, a software tool incorporating many innovations.


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Plate with a sample of a striped surface produced using Procedural Phasor Noise Plate with a sample of a striped surface produced using Procedural Phasor Noise - © Inria/T.Tricard

3D printing

An algorithm for creating high-contrast irregular patterns

Mediathena - 22/07/2019

How can we digitally recreate the unevenness of tree bark, sand or roughcasting in such a way that they appear natural? The answer comes from the MFX (Inria Nancy-Grand Est and Loria) and Maverick (Inria Grenoble) project teams, who worked together to develop an innovative algorithm capable of generating such patterns on surfaces. An upgrade on the previous standard in the field (Gabor Noise), Procedural Phasor Noise is set to be unveiled at the international conference SIGGRAPH 2019, and will enable users to generate complex patterns with previously unachievable levels of control. Designed for 3D printing, it will also make it easier to manufacture composite materials whose physical properties may vary depending on the direction.


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