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Cité Santé Salon

23/03/2018 to 24/03/2018

In the heart of the Grand Est region, in Nancy, the Cité Santé exhibition promotes health innovation and its new uses. All talks will be in French

Place : Centre Prouvé, Nancy


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Erwan Kerrien - © Re.Med. / Nov.2018

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Humans and software: sharing intelligence

A-L C - 18/02/2019

The remarkable achievements of AI in the health sector, to give just one example, have made it a promising new field for GAFA and BATX (their Chinese competitors). Caught up in the myriad media releases and fabulous promises, there is a growing need for clarity and education. Within this context, we met with Erwan Kerrien, an IT researcher in the Magrit team, a joint undertaking of the Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre and Loria. Erwan’s work is centred around the quest for artificial intelligent images.


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© Nature/Nigam Shah, Adrien Coulet


Using Algorithms to adjust doses of medication


Adrien Coulet, lecturer at the Université de Lorraine and researcher in a joint team at Inria and Loria working in collaboration with researchers from Stanford University, has created an algorithm based on medical data to predict the need to prescribe a reduced dose of medication for a patient rather than a standard dose. An article about their research has been published in "Nature - Scientific Reports".


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