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Claude Marché, Toccata team leader - © Inria / Photo Kaksonen

Research-Industry partnership

ProofInUse: a joint Inria and AdaCore laboratory

Bertrand Bourgine - 17/03/2014

With the launch of a joint laboratory, the Toccata research team, which specialises in formal specification and computer-assisted proofs, is increasing its collaboration with AdaCore, the specialist publisher of development software for critical systems.


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Creation of BART: a research collective dedicated to the Blockchain

Laurence Goussu - 6/03/2018

Signed on 6 March 2018 in Paris, this framework agreement puts into effect the creation of the BART joint research initiative (Blockchain Advanced Research & Technologies): a first in France in the field of the Blockchain. Around 30 researchers from four institutions are pooling their expertise and research efforts in order to remove the scientific obstacles linked to this disruptive technology, under a common roadmap defined for a duration of six years.


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