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Mario Sanz Lopez - Inria


3D printing, a new asset for research


Mario Sanz Lopez, a multidisciplinary engineer, is not only an expert in robotics and designing sensors and interfaces, but also in building prototypes. A member of the Shacra project team, a joint initiative between Lille university and Inria North European Labs, he is currently putting his talents to use in medical modelling, with the help of a rapidly growing technology, 3D printing.


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Hugo Talbot presents his work on cardiac simulation - © Inria

Inria Thesis

Meet Hugo and his thesis about cardiac simulation


Hugo Talbot has just received his doctorate from Inria. His research focuses on real-time simulation of cardiac electrophysiology. Through his video portrait, let's see an example of an Inria thesis.


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Leap Motion ©Leap Motion


Leap motion: the ideal mode of interaction in the operating room


With its retail release planned for 22 July, the eponymous technology created by Leap Motion is set to make waves as a video game interface and computer controller. The accurate detection of each finger means 3D virtual objects can be manipulated remotely. This technology could be highly beneficial in specific environments. The Shacra team researchers have been experimenting with the device for several months in order to integrate it into their medical simulation platform (SOFA) and use it in their interventional radiology applications.


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