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EIT ICT Labs Symposium on Future Cloud Computing

23/06/2014 to 24/06/2014

The Future Cloud Symposium is your opportunity to take a closer look at the future of Cloud Computing and the new business opportunities in Cloud. It is organized by EIT ICT Labs in Rennes, France, on 23-24 June.

Place : Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique, Convention center


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Europe - ICT

FITT conference


Join the FITT conference on ICT technology transfer within the scope of Europe 2010, Innovation Union and Digital Agenda.

Place : Rue Belliard 60-62 / Brussels


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Using the cloud to simulate epizootics

Jean-Michel Prima - 21/08/2018

Large-scale simulation can help in deciding on the right strategy for curbing animal epidemics. But that requires a lot of computing power. Hence the idea of using cloud computing. The problem? Existing applications have never been designed to take advantage of the high elasticity of such an architecture. Developed at the Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique centre, DiFFuSE is a new framework enabling not only the design and management of simulations operating on the cloud, but also the conversion of old applications to enable them to exploit this distributed infrastructure. As part of a future consortium, DiFFuSE will be used to create new decision-making tools for the animal health sector.


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