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French Tech

We are LORnTECH!


After an initial series of label designations in November last year, the Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Technology, Emmanuel Macron and the State Secretary for Digital Technology, Axelle Lemaire, announced that LORnTECH had been awarded the prestigious Métropole French Tech label on Thursday, the 25th of June.


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Worldwide digital experiment


On 4th November, children from Bordeaux and Nancy, with support from the Inria research centres, will participate in the R2T2 international mission, initiated by Professor Francesco Mondada from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Their task: to use their computer skills here on Earth to program robots to repair the generator of Mars Base R45, which has been damaged by a meteorite.


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New technologies against Malicious computer activity

Inria Industry meeting

New technologies to protect digital data and computer systems


In an ever evolving digital worl, cyber-criminals never cease to devise new threats. From critical infrastructure operators and administrations to large companies, SMEs and ordinary citizens: no one is safe. In order to deal with the evolution of these new threats, a new generation of tools is necessary to protect sensitive data and computer systems.

Place : Centre Prouvé, 1 place de la République, Nancy, France


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The Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre tests out a digital culture training

Véronique Poirel - 13/08/2018

Digital technology is one of the four cross-disciplinary themes of the French national Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture (CSTI) strategy.
In keeping with this national strategy, the Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre and the association Les Petits Débrouillards Grand Est, with the financial support of the Région Grand Est regional authority, will - from November 2018 until June 2019 - be trying out a digital culture training approach aimed at regional representatives, based on the Class'Code system.


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Stanford's rabbit: one of the most commonly used test models in computer graphics.


MFX, the new Inria Nancy centre team

Véronique Poirel - 20/08/2018

MFX (Matter from Graphics), is the name of the brand new team at the Inria Nancy research centre. Its field of research? 3D modelling of parts for additive manufacturing, combined with reflection on how to design and produce the objects. Interview with Sylvain Lefebvre, Inria research director and head of the team.


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Continuity, Computability, Constructivity - From Logic to Algorithms

26/06/2017 to 30/06/2017

The workshop Continuity, Computability, Constructivity - From Logic to Algorithms (CCC 2017) will take place at Inria Nancy - Grand Est research center from the 26th to the 30rd of  June 2017.

Place : Inria Nancy - Grand Est


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