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Alfio Quarteroni Alfio Quarteroni

Colloquium J. Morgenstern

Colloquium Alfio Quarteroni


The role of mathematics in understanding and simulating fluid dynamics and biochemical processes in the physiological and pathological functioning of the human cardiovascular system is becoming more and more crucial.

Place : Amphi Ouest - Polytech'Nice Sophia - Sophia Antipolis

Guest(s) : Alfio Quarteroni - EPFL


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Conférence Cloud Computing Pôle SCS

Conference Cloud computing

Conference Cloud Computing, Security and Trust


SCS Cluster in partnership with Inria, HP and ActiveEon, organizes an intrernational conference about “Cloud computing Security & Trust”.

Place : CPM Gardanne (ENSMSE – Site Georges Charpak)


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Colloquium Jacques Morgenstern

Colloquium Myrna Wooders


Numerous applications of economics are based on models that assume individual economic actors take prices as given. Indeed, this assumption underlies many empirical studies. The question of whether such an assumption can be justified as arising in the context of individual and group optimizing behavior has been the subject of extensive investigation.

Place : Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée, Amphi Morgenstern, Bâtiment Kahn

Guest(s) : Myrna Wooders, Vanderbilt University


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Don Towsley

Colloquium Jacques Morgenstern

Colloquium Don Towsley


The current Internet consists of tens of thousand different interconnected autonomous networks. It was designed to support large populations of point-to-point content transfers. This introduces considerable headaches due imbalances in traffic flows, which has the effect of complicating network management, reducing the robustness of the Internet, and reducing user performance.

Place : Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée, Amphithéâtre Morgenstern

Guest(s) : Don Towsley, University of Massachusetts


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Euromediag - Eurobiomed - Pop sud

Biorezo forum

Biorezo: medical imaging


The development of medical imaging (instrumentation, image processing, modelling and simulation, or indeed biomarkers) is greatly improving the range of tools made available to clinicians for better diagnosis of illnesses and improved care and treatment post-diagnosis. To this end, EuroMeDiag, Eurobiomed and PoPSud invite you to a Biorezo for an overview of developments in imaging techniques and the computer tools used to help patients.

Place : Inria Sophia Antipolis, Morgenstern Amphitheatre


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Tony DeRose

Colloquium Jacques Morgenstern

Colloquium Tony DeRose


In this talk, Tony DeRose will survey a number of current and recent projects underway in the Research Group at Pixar. To set context for the discussion he'll begin with a brief overview of their production pipeline. He'll also discuss how they approach research at Pixar, including how they pick problems, what they look for when they consider the adoption of external research, and how they transfer technology to the rest of the studio.

Place : Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée (Morgenstern Amphitheatre)

Guest(s) : Tony DeRose, PIXAR


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Image modélisation des plantes

One experiment, one researcher

Virtual flowers: the genes of growth

15/12/2010 to 27/02/2011

The Virtual Plants team is to take part in the "One researcher, one experiment" event at the Palais de la Découverte science museum in Paris. The researchers will be presenting their work in the field of plant modelling.

Place : Palais de la Découverte, Paris

Guest(s) : Frédéric Boudon, Jean-Baptiste Durand, Etienne Farcot, Christophe Godin, Mikael Lucas, François Parcy, Christophe Pradal


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Portrait François Fages

Jacques Morgenstern Colloquium

Semantic and algorithmic aspects of living beings


Transposing the computer science concepts of programming and verification to the modelling and analysis of biochemical processes within a cell opens up a new field of research aimed at mastering the complexity of and understanding the phenomena in cellular biology.

Place : Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée, Morgenstern lecture theatre

Guest(s) : François Fages, Inria


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Logo de l'ANR

Agence Nationale de la recherche

Overview of the ICST and Nano programmes of the French National Research Agency


The French National Research Agency is expanding its ICST work in 2011-2013 and is organising an information campaign on programmes related to ICST, nanotechnologies and the "white" programme.


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International Conference

ALGO 2013

2/09/2013 to 6/09/2013

Since its first edition in 2001, ALGO has become the major meeting in algorithms held in Europe, spanning areas as diverse as algorithm engineering, computational finance, computational biology, online algorithms, mobile computing, sensor systems or massive data processing.
 The reputation of ALGO, and in particular of the scientific events it gathers, attracts every year top scientific contributions and the attendance of leading researchers from all over the world.

Place : Inria and Campus SophiaTech


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