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New visual identity


In light of the dynamic, complex and ever-changing environment within which Inria operates, it is important for the Institute to adopt a clear, sincere and effective presentation of its activities. This new signature is the result of brainstorming involving all employees, and is intended to offer a simple reflection of the Institute’s work. This new identity will progressively be introduced throughout all communication tools and media.


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Researcher's courses

Edwin Chacon Golcher

Damien Dechambre - 26/07/2012

Edwin Chacon Golcher is a specialist engineer member of the Inria project-team Calvi, a joint Inria / University of Strasbourg research team. The project-team in which he belongs,  is devoted to the mathematical and numerical study as well as to the visualization of different problems arizing mostly from plasma physics and beam physics.

Born in Costa Rica, he migrated to the United States to become a scientist.  He achieved his goal. Learn more about his cursus and work. 


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Stéphane Glondu Stéphane Glondu - Inria Nancy


What have we learned from the Heartbleed vulnerability?

Martin Bellet (Citizen Press) - 17/06/2014

In April the general public became aware of a major vulnerability in internet protocol security: Heartbleed.

Stéphane Glondu, an engineer at Inria Nancy - Grand Est in the CASSIS and CARAMEL teams, discusses this discovery and the lessons to be learned.


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Scientific Mediation

Leading the way for algorithms

Marie Blanchard - 26/01/2015

For several years, Inria Nancy - Grand Est has taken part in the Cordées de la Réussite (Partnership for Success) project and been particularly involved in the National Partnership for Success Day. On Thursday 22 January, 200 high-school students from the Lunéville basin gathered at the Science Faculty in Nancy "so that together, each student dares to succeed".


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Inria-SME Partnerships

Start Me Up lectures: from researcher to entrepreneur

Martin Bellet - 30/01/2014

Launched by Inria Nancy - Grand Est in December 2014, the Start Me Up lecture series aims to promote interaction between researchers and entrepreneurs. This experiment brings together all the players in the digital world in Lorraine.


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© Inria / Photo Kaksonen Image of a virus


Inria Nancy - Grand Est is hiring 3 junior researchers


The Inria Nancy - Grand Est research center invites applications for 3 tenured junior researcher positions (CR2).


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Emmanuel Vincent Inria


Emmanuel Vincent: making maths work for sound


The holder of a DEA (post-graduate diploma) in "Acoustics, Signal processing and Computing applied to Music" and a PhD from Paris VI University completed at IRCAM, Emmanuel Vincent was recruited, as a research scientist at Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique, in 2006 after post-doctoral research at Queen Mary University in London.

Since 1 January 2013 he has been part of Inria Nancy–Grand Est and more specifically the Speech team led by Yves Laprie.


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Razvan Barbulescu - Emmanuel Thomé - Pierrick Gaudry

Discrete logs

A major breakthrough in discrete logarithms

D. Baudier - 31/10/2013

In spring 2013, four scientists broke through one of the most stubborn barriers in the world of cryptography: the discrete logarithm problem. Read on to learn how...


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DGCI 2011

Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery

6/04/2011 to 8/04/2011

The aim of the DGCI conference is to gather researchers in discrete geometry and topology, and discrete models, with applications in image analysis and image synthesis.

Place : Inria Nancy - Grand-Est

Guest(s) : Agnès DESOLNEUX (CNRS à l’Université Descartes, Paris, France), Jarek ROSSIGNAC (GVU de Georgia Tech, USA), Jean SERRA (ESIEE-LIGM, Paris, France)


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Inria opens its doors to high-school and university students


Engineers and researchers at Loria and Inria–Nancy–Grand Est are working to help high-school pupils and students understand how our lives are enhanced by digital tools, and, more specifically, how these tools will be used in the jobs of the future. Come and discover research platforms, such as the Smart Home and the High Security Laboratory.


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