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Events – "Mathematical Games and Culture" Show

Mathematical Games

Camille Liewig - 10/06/2009

The 10th Mathematical Games and Culture Show, held in Place Saint Sulpice in the heart of Paris, has just come to an end. For four days, young visitors learned more about maths while enjoying themselves. Astronomy was the star of this year's show. To mark the event, Inria presented a star charting program that thrilled all the Little Princes.


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The news was officially released during the launching ceremony on 29 April: the new Scilab Consortium has taken off, devoted to the development of a free, open-source scientific computing platform. The Consortium became part of the Digiteo foundation on 1 July 2008. Now, its new status will enable it to free itself from the constraints of scientific research projects to take on new challenges in industry.


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A new software program capable of winning the battle between Man and Machine. On 22 May, at the "Numériquement Vôtre" exhibition, MoGo, the computer program that plays the game of Go, will pit its wits against Catalin Taranu, European champion of the Asiatic board game. More than just game software, MoGo is an invaluable tool used by researchers to solve complex problems.


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Open Access - European partnership



Since 2006, European research institutes have been encouraging their research teams to make their publications freely accessible online. Does the Open Archives initiative challenge the economic model adopted until now by scientific publishers? Does it really heighten the visibility of European scientific achievements? The European PEER project, in which Inria is the main technical partner, along with the Max Planck Society and the University of Göttingen, has given itself three years to answer these questions.


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Scientific culture

Numériquement vôtre exhibition


The Champs Libres multidiscipline cultural centre in Rennes will welcome the Numériquement vôtre exhibition, organised by the Science Centre, from 30 March to 30 August 2009. The event, with 50,000 visitors expected, is co-sponsored by Inria and the Media and Networks cluster.


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Cycab © CSI / Arnaud ROBIN Cycab © CSI / Arnaud ROBIN




Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, pollution and congested roads are the scourge of our cities. To tackle these problems, Inria research laboratories have developed the CyCab, a small autonomous car packed with a multitude of the latest cutting-edge technological solutions. Among its many talents, the CyCab boasts the ability to avoid obstacles placed in its path.


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Joseph Sifakis - @ CNRS Bellevue

Cycles "les défis scientifiques du 21e siècle"

Sifakis-systèmes embarqués


On Tuesday, 10 March, Joseph Sifakis, winner of the 2007 Turing Prize, research director at CNRS and holder of the Schneider-Inria-Digiteo industrial chair, will give a lecture at the Academy of Science on the topic of embedded systems – new challenges in computer science, which Inria has made one of its priorities.


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MoGo Software - The Game of Go

The Game of Go


As part of the Inter-Regional Program of the European Union and invited to the 2009 Taiwan Open, the MoGo project coordinated by Olivier Teytaud of the TAO project team broke a new record by producing the best worldwide performance to date in Go 19x19. This parallelized algorithm can be used, beyond the game of Go, to solve a wide range of problems.


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Visiting Committee

Visiting Committee 2008


The Visiting Committee, comprised of international specialists responsible for evaluating the Institute has just submitted its report. The committee produced a strategic and organizational analysis that found Inria to be especially worthy of praise. It has also issued a series of recommendations that constitute significant challenges for the Institute for the future.


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