A common site policy on the scale of the Paris-Saclay territory

Changed on 21/07/2021

Inria's strategic ambition is to accelerate the construction of a scientific, technological and industrial leadership in and through digital technology in France, in a European dynamic. Inria's objectives and performance contract for the period 2019-2023 clearly states the Institute's ambition: to be a national research organization serving the development of major world-class research campuses in digital sciences and technologies. With this in mind, the Inria - Saclay - Île-de-France center has sought to strengthen joint synergies with its two partners: the Institut Polytechnique de Paris and the Université Paris-Saclay.

L’Institut polytechnique de Paris

The Institut Polytechnique de Paris

The Inria - Institut Polytechnique de Paris strategic partnership is built around three major structuring projects. The first of these, "Research and Teaching", aims to strengthen the common scientific ambition and attractiveness. The second, "Innovation and transfer", aims to strengthen the economic impact. Finally, the last area, "Support for research", should enable the synergy of support policies for a smooth and efficient organization.

The symbolic, strategic and operational embodiment of this major evolution is the creation of the Inria Center at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, which is one of the components of the Inria Saclay research center.

To carry out these three projects, Inria and IP Paris are relying on their existing organizations and structures: the model of the joint Inria project-team and that of the IP Paris laboratories, departments and interdisciplinary institutes.

What are the main priorities of the IP Paris - Inria Center?

  • Co-construct the IP Paris interdisciplinary centers in AI and Data Science, Security and Defense, Biomedical Engineering
  • Create a joint IP Paris-Inria project-team in the field of quantum science
  • Carry out joint recruitments by implementing an aggressive HGR policy to attract talent, particularly junior and senior researchers and engineers;
  • Take up major scientific and technological challenges by encouraging scientific risk-taking, particularly in the fields covered by the interdisciplinary centers
  • To encourage the involvement of researchers in training
  • Create a building dedicated to the Inria - IP Paris mathematics community
  • Create joint teams with industrialists
  • Create start-up projects
  • Strengthen the synergy of our support policies
  • Modernize the way we work and use our buildings

The Université Paris-Saclay

The strategic partnership is currently being developed.