Confidentialité, Intégrité, Disponibilité et Répartition
Confidentialité, Intégrité, Disponibilité et Répartition

For many aspects of our daily lives, we rely heavily on computer systems, many of which being based on massively interconnected devices that support a population of interacting and cooperating entities. As these systems become more open and complex, accidental and intentional failures become much more frequent and serious. These systems may have been adopted for their ease of use and sometimes despite their level of security. They can be made of multiple subsystems such that it is difficult to guarantee an overall level of security. Finally, it may be too onerous to upgrade them to cope with new threats.


The long-term goal of the CIDRE team is to improve the security level of the widely deployed systems, to provide operational systems that can withstand malicious events and respect the privacy of their users.

Cidre members produce security solutions for malware analysis and attacks on hardware systems, some of which are hosted by the High Security Laboratory (LHS) in Rennes.

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CNRS,Université Rennes 1,CentraleSupélec


Valerie Viet Triem Tong

Team leader

Lydie Mabil

Team assistant