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#50yearsInria. This anniversary is celebrated in each of the 8 Inria research centres, associating local teams and partners from the academic and economic world.

At the Inria Sophia Antipolis - Mediterranean Centre, we chose to celebrate it in 3 parts, honouring successively in 3 events Science, Transfer and the Software Heritage project which associates Inria with Unesco. This is a way of giving concrete expression to the Institute's motto "scientific excellence at the service of transfer and society". At the same time, we wanted to reflect together on the world of tomorrow, on the horizon of 2067, in 50 years' time, on its scientific, technological, but also ethical and philosophical stakes. To find out more, through the portraits of our employees in our centre, you will discover their profession and their vision of the evolution of their field of research in 50 years.

Discover all the actions related to this anniversary on the dedicated Inria website.