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A. Cortell - 11/09/2019

Inria spin-off QuantifiCare set to boost its position as a global leader in skin imaging

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Specialists in the development of innovative medical imaging solutions for use in clinical testing and experts in cosmetic and dermatological surgery, QuantifiCare has successfully raised €5m as it looks to accelerate its international development and consolidate its position as a global leader in skin imaging.

Founded in 2001 in Sophia Antipolis as an Inria spin-off (Epidaure project team, now Epione), QuantifiCare is a contract research organisation (CRO) specialised in imaging and skin assessments in advance of clinical trials for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, for use in key fields such as dermatology, cosmetics and oncology.

Drawing on cutting-edge, patented technology, QuantifiCare offers a comprehensive range of 3D cameras and software applications that look set to revolutionise the way in which plastic surgeons, dermatologists and cosmetic specialists are able to visualise pre and post surgery, assisting them in the process of recommending treatment and communicating with their patients.

A solution deployed across more than a thousand clinical facilities in sixty or so countries

In the context of medical or surgical procedures, 3D photography is used to give patients a clear view of the expected results. This technology is revolutionary, giving a new dimension to cosmetic consultations by making life easier not just for doctors, but for their patients as well. The 3D camera designed by the company is also easy to use and helps save time - two key factors. “Our aim was to design cameras that are very easy to use and which work like conventional cameras, with just 30 seconds needed to recreate an image in 3D” explains Jean-Philippe Thirion, founder and CEO of QuantifiCare.

More than a thousand practitioners and cosmetic surgeons are currently using their 3D solution LifeViz®, two-time winner of the “Best Aesthetic Device” prize awarded by medical experts, which has gone on to become a reference point in sixty countries.

Previously self-funded, QuantifiCare is opening up its capital as it looks to consolidate its position as a world leader in 2D/3D skin imaging

QuantifiCare is to receive €5m from the investor LBO France through their new risk-capital fund Digital Health 2 . Raising these funds will allow them to strengthen their position as a leader in the eyes of major sponsors in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors and to continue to develop existing lines of business in North and South America, the Middle East and Asia.

Jean-Philippe Thirion, Founder & CEO of QuantifiCare : “We are thrilled to have LBO France, a leading investor in digital health, backing QuantifiCare and joining our board to help us execute our global strategy. We already offer the most advanced 3D solutions for medical and clinical use. The funds raised will enable us to intensify our marketing, R&D and operations internationally, accelerate our growth and strengthen our leadership position in 2D/3D skin imaging worldwide.”

Franck Noiret, Managing Director at LBO France : “QuantifiCare is a great example of the emerging power of digital technologies to finally provide objective data to medical practitioners, allowing them to better plan and validate their interventions and communicate with patients. We are delighted to partner with QuantifiCare as the first investment of Digital Health 2. QuantifiCare is revolutionizing pre and post-surgery skin visualization for both the physician and the patient, making 3D imaging a “must have” for any aesthetic procedure. Given its established positions in clinical studies and as a provider of 3D solutions to aesthetics specialists worldwide, we are confident it will continue to grow fast and innovate to improve care standards.”

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