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Michel Buffa honoured at the 2017 WebAudio Conference

At WebAudio Conference in August 2017, Michel Buffa received a best paper presentation Award for his demo of the WebAudio Guitar Tube Amp Simulator of the Wasabi Project. Michel Buffa is a lecturer at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and member of the joint I3S / Inria Wimmics project-team. His co-author is Jerôme Lebrun researcher at the I3S laboratory of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. The Wimmics research team has developed applications using WebAudio emerging technology, a new W3C standard which can be found in recent web browsers and has thus created in a webpage the simulation of a guitar tube amplifier, which is unique in the world. The guitarist can recreate a guitar amp on his computer, with no installation necessary.

The Wimmics project team (Inria/I3S) works at the crossover point between the web and artificial intelligence, between the social web and the Semantic Web. The WASABI (Web Audio Semantic Aggregated in the Browser for Indexation) project is financed by the ANR (the National Research Agency), in partnership with Radio France and Deezer. The latter provided more than two million pieces of music for the audio analysis carried out by Ircam and Parisson, a parisian SME.
The database for the Wasabi project currently references more than 2 million songs. To contribute to this, Wimmics scoured a wide range of various online databases looking for ways to obtain anything related to this music.

The team also carried out analyses on the song lyrics

  • who they are about
  • what they are about
  • places and people mentioned
  • vocabulary richness

and the detection of emotions by cross-referencing text and voice data in order to limit errors. It is possible to detect the structure of a song in order to understand where the chorus is, for example, or to decide whether it has been plagiarised. Finally the application enables musical tracks to be broken down into one piece by audio extraction. The musician can then remove the guitar part and play it himself, for example.

Another application also appears on the screen; a multi-track audio player using the results of the WASABI project. The tracks appear in green, with one track for each instrument, and users can choose to remove them whilst playing on the guitar amp. All of this can be found in one browser page.

Keywords: Wasabi Michel Buffa ANR WebAudio WIMMICS