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Installation of IRT St Exupery on SophiaTech campus

Inria, the french  national institute dedicated to numerical sciences, not only drives scientific excellence towards innovation and society,  but also yields extensive collaboration with the industry  which  reflects in the Carnot label it has been awareded since 2011.The institute is also strongly committed to the PIA framework programme (Programme Investissements d'Avenir)  in particular through its contribution the reshaping and modernisation of the academic and industrial landscapes. Indeed, together with local stakeholders, the 8 Inria centers disseminated across different french regions are all dynamic actors of their innovation ecosystems, As such in Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur, the Inria Sophia Antipolis - Mediterranée center  is a founding member of  the Université Côte d'Azur ComUE.

In this regard, the center actively participates to the actions led by IDEX UCA Jedi to foster the emergence of a world class univeristy cluster federated by academic excellence, and also contributes to the development of  IRTs (instituts de recherche technologiques) within the scope of the PIA. In that perspective, the Inria Sophia Antipolis - Mediterranée center is proud to  announce the installation in Sophia Antipolis, on UCA's SophiaTech campus, of the new branch of IRT Saint Exupery, which acts as an accelerator of technological research for aeronautics, space and embedded systems. While such proximity between Inria and IRT Saint Exupery should enable tighter cooperation between academic research and industrial R&D, early collaboration has already started to bear fruits, as the ATIPPIC project, involving THALES ALENIA SPACE and the Inria research team KAIROS (specialised on embedded systems and real time) was launched in november 2017.

This might just be the beginning of a broader cooperation between industrial IRT members and academic stakeholders in PACA, for new projects are already under prepartation for 2018, and beyond.

Keywords: Thales UCA Aéronautique Inria - Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée Systèmes embarqués PIA Institut Carnot