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Cybathlon 2020 target

The Freewheels team in training The Freewheels team in training - © Inria Photo G. Scagnelli

After the 2016 edition, which was rich in lessons, the Freewheels team - renamed Cyclosef - is preparing to present new technological advances at Cybathlon 2020 and enable new patients to overcome their disabilities in a sports competition.
Christine Azevedo, research director of the CAMIN team at the Inria Sophia Antipolis-Mediterranean centre, will participate in the round table "What place for the disabled person?" at the Sport Unlimitech exhibition in Lyon on Saturday 21 September.

Training has already begun for two new patients at the Centre de Rééducation et de Réadaptation Fonctionnelle de la Chataigneraie in Menucourt in the Val d'Oise. They are accompanied by Christine Azevedo and Dr. Charles Fattal, head of department at the CRF DIVIO of Dijon in their journey to acquire the physical condition necessary for competition, gradually adapting their racing bike and the stimulation program. They will also benefit from the advice and support of Jérôme Parent, the pilot of the 2016 edition.

Cybathlon 2020 will take place at the Swiss Arena in Zurich on May 2 and 3. It is a championship that sees people with physical disabilities compete in daily tasks using state-of-the-art technical assistance systems. In 2016 the competition brought together 66 pilots from 25 nations.
The 2020 edition will feature 6 disciplines: Brain-Computer Interface Race, Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike Race, Powered Arm Prosthesis Race, Powered Leg Prosthesis Race, Powered Exoskeleton Race as well as the Powered Wheelchair Race.


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