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Anne Schneider - 14/04/2017

Inaugural Lecture by Jean-Daniel Boissonnat at Collège de France

Gérard Berry et Jean-Daniel Boissonnat Gérard Berry présente Jean-Daniel Boissonnat avant sa leçon inaugurale - Collège de France

Jean-Daniel Boissonnat is the new holder of the chair  « Informatics and Computational Sciences » at Collège de France.

His lecture ils called "Computational Geometry: data, models, programs". he gace his inaugural lecture at Collège de France on 23 March. Discover or watch again the video of his lecture available on Open access from the Collège de

Computational geometry was born in the late 1970s with the ambition to propose efficient algorithms to solve geometric problems of combinatorial nature. Today it is an important branch of algorithmics which finds many applications: cartography, cinema and video games, medical imaging, numerical simulations, to name but a few.

The course will successively address different advances in the field.

 Illustration : diagramme de Voronoï

In a first part, discrete geometric structures and their construction will be presented, showing the decisive role of randomized algorithms and probabilistic analyzes, and then addressing the critical issue of the reliability of geometric computational software.
The second part will be devoted to the algorithmic foundations of the geometric approximation and the geometric and topological analysis of data, subjects in full evolution.

Keywords: Geometrie algorithmique Programme Géométrie Données Jean-Daniel Boissonnat Collège de France Leçon inaugurale Inria Centre de recherche Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée Chaire informatique et sciences numériques Gérard Berry