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Rose-Marie Cornus - 14/10/2010

Central nervous system exploration


The purpose of the ATHENA project-team, created in July 2010, is to explore the central nervous system (CNS, brain and spinal cord) using computational imaging and the support of two major categories of methods: diffusion MRI (dMRI) and magneto-electroencephalography (MEEG). This team is led by Rachid Deriche.

The main research directions focused on pertain to the acquisition and processing of dMRI and MEEG signals, computational diffusion imaging, direct and inverse problems in MEEG and anatomical connectivity of the central nervous system. The applications of the research conducted by the ATHENA project-team focus on certain targeted fields in clinical research, neurosciences and brain-computer interfaces.

Keywords: ATHENA Medicine Neurosciences Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée