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Justifying Machine Decisions


A gift from Accenture for Wimmics' research team

Robots helping humans in performing their everyday activities are becoming nowadays very popular, given the valuable impact they may bring on society.
However, in order to concretely interact with humans, intelligent agents are required to show some human abilities like the ability to explain their own decisions. Accenture The Dock in Dublin, has been designed to showcase the best of Accenture innovation but the number of visitors is growing and this innovation hub could benefit from the availability of a touring robot. In that context the Wimmics project-team from research centre Inria Sophia Antipolis-Mediteranee will work with Accenture Technology Labs Ireland to combine machine learning, argumentation theory and knowledge representation in order to define, for that robot, a decision making module suggesting tours matching a specific client ‘s goal and background, and an explanation module, justifying the suggestions to the clients by means of an argumentation network.

Keywords: Accenture Décisions WIMMICS INRIA Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée Robot