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inHEART, using 3D for better and more reliable cardiac procedures


inHEART is a start-up project created by Inria Sophia Antipolis- Méditerranée, the University Hospital Centre in Bordeaux and the University of Bordeaux via the Liryc University Hospital Institute. Its aim is to build on several years of top quality research and development in the field of computer-guided procedures for cardiac rhythm disorders using 3D medical imagery.



Scientific award

Xavier Pennec Fellow of the MICCAI scientific society


Xavier Pennec, Senior researcher at Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée centre, has been elected as a Fellow of the MICCAI scientific society for “pioneering theoretical contributions grounding the field of computational anatomy, shape statistics and medical image computing”. He is the second scientist from Asclepios project-team being honored with this distinction, along with team leader Nicholas Ayache.
MICCAI (Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention) Society Fellowship was started in 2009 to recognize exceptional contributions to Medical Image Computing and/or Computer-assisted Interventions,of senior members to the MICCAI community.



Best paper award

Michel Buffa honoured at the 2017 WebAudio Conference


At WebAudio Conference in August 2017, Michel Buffa received a best paper presentation Award for his demo of the WebAudio Guitar Tube Amp Simulator of the Wasabi Project. Michel Buffa is a lecturer at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and member of the joint I3S / Inria Wimmics project-team. His co-author is Jerôme Lebrun researcher at the I3S laboratory of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. The Wimmics research team has developed applications using WebAudio emerging technology, a new W3C standard which can be found in recent web browsers and has thus created in a webpage the simulation of a guitar tube amplifier, which is unique in the world. The guitarist can recreate a guitar amp on his computer, with no installation necessary.



Big Brother is tracking you Blog Kaspersky

Privacy on the internet

Privacy on the Internet: an Inria researcher at the European Parliament

Sébastien Trotignon - 11/09/2017

Nobody is safe on the Internet: commercial websites are constantly using ingenious ways in which they track, profile and identify users. While European Parliament is discussing these problems in scope of the ePrivacy Regulation, Nataliia Bielova, an expert in the subject and a researcher at the Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée centre, was invited to present the work of the two project-teams Indes and Privatics, during an event devoted to ePrivacy .



European Research Council 2017

Demian Wassermann : code our current knowledge of the brain

Anne Schneider - 6/09/2017

Associate research professor at the Athena project-team at Inria Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée, Demian Wassermann has just received a prestigious 2017 "Starting Grant" from European Research Council (ERC).Specialist on mathematical and computational modelling of the brain, he is going to pursue his research in the formalisation of current anatomical knowledge into a domain specific language (DSL). Meeting with the new laureate, who tells us about his carreer and projects.



Logo PhD Seminars

PhD Seminars Anniversary

PhD students from Sophia Antipolis organize, exchange, communicate

Communication department - 1/09/2017

"The Ph.D. Seminar is now a big success which allows the students to meet, present their currents works and results, better know themselves, and get a wide scientific culture from applied mathematics to computer science, modeling issues to simulation techniques, software environments to biology and physics, etc.

Among the long list of their successes I emphasize the 2017 MOMI workshop.  

Joined by Dora Karvouniari, Dimitra Politaki, Milica Tomasevic, and Eleni Vatamidou they organized this meeting to help the Ph.D. students to improve their knowledge of industrial research."
Denis Talay


Award - PhD

Matthieu Lê wins the 2016 GBM Thesis Award for his research with the Asclepios team

Anne Schneider - 26/04/2017

The French Society for Biomedical Engineering (SFGBM) has just given its 2016 Thesis Research Award to Matthieu Lê for his thesis written under the direction of Nicholas Ayache and Hervé Delingette of the Asclepios team at Inria's Sophia Antipolis-Méditerranée research centre.



Gérard Berry et Jean-Daniel Boissonnat Gérard Berry présente Jean-Daniel Boissonnat avant sa leçon inaugurale - Collège de France

Collège de France

Inaugural Lecture by Jean-Daniel Boissonnat at Collège de France

Anne Schneider - 14/04/2017

Jean-Daniel Boissonnat is the new holder of the chair  « Informatics and Computational Sciences » at Collège de France.

His lecture ils called "Computational Geometry: data, models, programs". he gace his inaugural lecture at Collège de France on 23 March. Discover or watch again the video of his lecture available on Open access from the Collège de



ICM 2022

French candidacy to the organization of the international Congress of the mathematicians in Paris in 2022


The International Congress of mathematicians (ICM) gathers every four years since 1897 eminent mathematicians from all over the world and awards prestigious awards among them Fields medals. The next congress will be held in summer 2018 in Rio de Janeiro. Two countries have already applied for the 2022 session, France with paris and Russia with Saint Petersburg, both with the support of European Mathematical Society 5EMS°.


La Recherche Prize

Alexis Joly et Pl@ntnet on the 2016 Prize list


On November 30th, the 13th edition of La Recherche Prize rewarded the article « A look inside the Pl@ntNet experience », cosigned by the members of a consortium grouping the CIRAD, INRA, Inria and the IRD, in association with Tela Botanica. That represents a beautiful recognition for pour Pl@ntnet mobile app, a collaborative system helping to identify wild plants by their image