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Award - PhD

Matthieu Lê wins the 2016 GBM Thesis Award for his research with the Asclepios team

Anne Schneider - 26/04/2017

The French Society for Biomedical Engineering (SFGBM) has just given its 2016 Thesis Research Award to Matthieu Lê for his thesis written under the direction of Nicholas Ayache and Hervé Delingette of the Asclepios team at Inria's Sophia Antipolis-Méditerranée research centre.



Gérard Berry et Jean-Daniel Boissonnat Gérard Berry présente Jean-Daniel Boissonnat avant sa leçon inaugurale - Collège de France

Collège de France

Inaugural Lecture by Jean-Daniel Boissonnat at Collège de France

Anne Schneider - 14/04/2017

Jean-Daniel Boissonnat is the new holder of the chair  « Informatics and Computational Sciences » at Collège de France.

His lecture ils called "Computational Geometry: data, models, programs". he gace his inaugural lecture at Collège de France on 23 March. Discover or watch again the video of his lecture available on Open access from the Collège de



ICM 2022

French candidacy to the organization of the international Congress of the mathematicians in Paris in 2022


The International Congress of mathematicians (ICM) gathers every four years since 1897 eminent mathematicians from all over the world and awards prestigious awards among them Fields medals. The next congress will be held in summer 2018 in Rio de Janeiro. Two countries have already applied for the 2022 session, France with paris and Russia with Saint Petersburg, both with the support of European Mathematical Society 5EMS°.


La Recherche Prize

Alexis Joly et Pl@ntnet on the 2016 Prize list


On November 30th, the 13th edition of La Recherche Prize rewarded the article « A look inside the Pl@ntNet experience », cosigned by the members of a consortium grouping the CIRAD, INRA, Inria and the IRD, in association with Tela Botanica. That represents a beautiful recognition for pour Pl@ntnet mobile app, a collaborative system helping to identify wild plants by their image


Femmes en Or 2016 Award

Paola Goatin, "Femme en Or" 2016 in the Smart City category


The 24th edition of the "Femmes en Or" awards innovated this year with two new categories: Femme de Goût , promoting the French art of fine living, and Femme de la Smart City , for the women who make digital technology part and parcel of our cities.

This year the distinction was awarded to Paola Goatin, research director at Inria's Sophia-Antipolis Méditerranée centre and head of the ACUMES project team, for her work applying mathematics and fluid dynamics to road traffic and crowd movement.


FHCP Challenge

When researchers play to solve 1001 instances of the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem

Anne Schneider - 29/11/2016

The challenge proposed by the University Flinders in Adelaïde ( Australia ) to the researchers of the whole world consisted in solving 1001 instances of the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem.

Two researchers, Nathann Cohen, a CNRS researcherat LRI (Paris XI) and David Coudert, Inria research director in charge of the project-team COATI , a joint-team between Inria Sophia Antipolis - Mediterranée research centre and I3S laboratory made the best score and won the challenge.

They managed to solve 985 cycles and won the Prize on December 1st, 2016 using an original method.



ANR Award

Adrien Bousseau winner of the Young Researcher Award

Anne Schneider - 21/11/2016

The ANR (French National Research Agency) has just given its Young Researcher Award to Adrien Bousseau, a researcher in the GraphDeco project-team at Inria Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée for the DRAO project on digital drawing. This work allows computer vision and 3D image synthesis to be used to automate the creation of drawings while preserving their expressiveness.



Inria start-up

Bomotech:personalized support to create a start-up


The Bomotech start-up project uses the person and motion detection technology of the STARS project-team to develop a rehabilitation assistance system. This project, supported and hosted at the Dev Center of the Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée Research Center, is progressing in leaps and bounds: its two leaders, Baptiste Fosty (28) and Mélaine Gautier (35) plan to create their own company and join the Paca Est incubator in January 2017 and are drafting the business plan for their first fundraising campaign.


FIT Equipex

Inria Sophia Antipolis R2lab demo: a 4G network deployed remotely in three minutes

Anne Schneider - 9/11/2016

R2lab, the FIT team’s new testbed, was inaugurated on 9 November by Antoine Petit, CEO of Inria, in the presence of many scientists. Its new anechoic chamber can be used to remotely perform reproducible wireless network experimentation (5G/software-defined radio). R2lab, managed by the DIANA project-team led by Walid Dabbous and the centre’s Development and Experimentation department, presented a 4G network being deployed remotely in merely three minutes



ISWC 2016 Conference

WIMMICS : best demo award for AZKAR project and best poster nominee for DBpedia historic project


Nice results for Wimmics team (Inria / I3S) at the International Conference on Semantic Web (ISWC 2016 ranked A*) which took place to Kobe:

best demo award for AZKAR project and best poster nominee for DBpedia historic project.