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Jean-Philippe Thirion, CEO

Start & UP!

Let’s take a closer look at Quantificare, an Inria spin-off looking to become a leader in skin imaging.

A. Cortell - 24/09/2019

Drawing on Inria research into image processing, Quantificare specialises in 3D skin imaging, offering 3D cameras and software enabling doctors to monitor their patients and to measure or simulate operations. The funds the company has recently raised will strengthen its position as a leader in the eyes of major sponsors in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors and allow the company to pursue its development across a number of continents.

Let’s take a look back at the story of this Inria spin-off, whose technology began life at the Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée research centre



The Freewheels team in training The Freewheels team in training - © Inria Photo G. Scagnelli


Cybathlon 2020 target


After the 2016 edition, which was rich in lessons, the Freewheels team - renamed Cyclosef - is preparing to present new technological advances at Cybathlon 2020 and enable new patients to overcome their disabilities in a sports competition.
Christine Azevedo, research director of the CAMIN team at the Inria Sophia Antipolis-Mediterranean centre, will participate in the round table "What place for the disabled person?" at the Sport Unlimitech exhibition in Lyon on Saturday 21 September.



Logo quantificare

Start & UP!

Inria spin-off QuantifiCare set to boost its position as a global leader in skin imaging

A. Cortell - 11/09/2019

Specialists in the development of innovative medical imaging solutions for use in clinical testing and experts in cosmetic and dermatological surgery, QuantifiCare has successfully raised €5m as it looks to accelerate its international development and consolidate its position as a global leader in skin imaging.




Inria Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée innovates in supporting its start-ups

Mediathena - VP (*) - 10/07/2019

At the Inria centre in Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée, the development team, of which Guillène Ribière is a member, is responsible for supporting staff who could commercialize a new technology, resulting from Inria research work, and become entrepreneurs.

Better than "doing everything for them ", the support process used here gives them time and an iterative method to see things clearly before they start.



Christine Azevedo, a researcher committed to the service of human beings, on the path to autonomy

Médiathena - AA (*) - 13/06/2019

At the head of the CAMIN project-team a joint-team between Inria and LIRMM, Christine Azevedo is developing electrostimulation solutions to enable patients with paralysis of one or more members to regain some of their mobility. Helping people walk, change their posture, and now grasp with the Agilis project, this training automation specialist explores all areas of disability where her contribution could lead to concrete gains in life comfort. Portrait of a researcher committed to the service of human beings.


Cordées de la réussite

Inria welcomes students from the Emile Roux middle school


As part of the "Démarche scientifique dans le numérique" success story that we are leading with Emile Roux this school year, on Thursday, May 9, the 5°4 class and the robotics club came to visit the Inria Sophia Antipolis - Mediterranean research center.


DeepSpa Télé-médecine


Tackling the issue of medical deserts using telemedicine


Being able to make an early diagnosis is essential when it comes to treating cognitive disorders. However, obtaining such a diagnosis can often be difficult for people living in rural areas. The telemedicine tool being developed by a European consortium coordinated by Inria aims to address this situation by facilitating access to healthcare professionals for isolated patients. The new interface will be tested by the end of the summer at the Digne-les-Bains health centre



Conférence au Laos sur le hasard Conférence au Laos sur le hasard - David Fayen

Conference on chance in Laos

The chance

Grégory Cazala - 22/03/2019

Mathematics Week took place from 11 to 19 March with the theme "Let's play mathematics together".
As part of a collaboration between Inria and the Lycée Français International de Vientiane in Laos, high school students from 1st and Terminale S were able to attend a conference on the theme of chance presented by Thierry Viéville (Inria Research Director).


visuel InriaTech Sud-Est

Technology transfer

InriaTech Sud-Est first anniversary

A. Brillu (Citizen press) - 19/03/2019

Launched in April 2018, the InriaTech Sud-Est platform strengthens the dynamic of technology transfer towards companies among research teams at the Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée centre. The future looks bright for this initiative. 



logo inalve

Start & UP!

inalve raises 1.6 million euros to industrialise production of microalgae used in livestock feeding

A. Cortell - 18/03/2019

Winner of the international Innovation 2030 competition, the young biotechnology start-up inalve enjoyed a successful fundraising round, giving the company the opportunity to set up its industrial pilot, initially targeted at fish farming, in the south of France. In the medium term, inalve is aiming to supply the entire agribusiness sector with the use of sustainable, innovative agriculture in the field of animal feed.