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With its experience in technology transfer and innovation, the Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée centre is increasing its relations with major industrial players and pursuing actions to promote SMEs, particularly through competitiveness clusters.

Competitiveness clusters

For the centre, the competitiveness clusters constitute special areas for interface with industrial players and particularly SMEs. They facilitate the identification of industrial demand in terms of research and technology, the presentation of the "supply" of research and technology of the centre's project-teams, and the initiation of collaboration and technology transfer projects.

  • The centre is a founding member of the "Secure Solutions for Communication" (SCS) global competitiveness cluster, which aims to produce solutions integrating innovative developments in microelectronics, software and telecoms. This cluster groups together several dozen companies and all academic players of the region, around the science parks of Sophia Antipolis and Rousset.
  • The centre is also active in the Pégase, Optitec and Eurobiomed clusters, and, to a lesser extent, in the Mer, CapEnergie and Pass clusters.

Technology transfer and innovation structures

Rooted in this strong regional dynamic of technological innovation, the Sophia Antipolis research centre relies on the regional development and technology transfer structures to support its technology transfer actions.

  • Founding member of the Paca-Est incubator (2001), a public incubator co-founded by the universities of Nice Sophia Antipolis and Sud Toulon Var and by Inria.
  • A member of ValorPaca since 2009, an association founded by the six PACA universities to develop the results of public research in the PACA region.
  • A founding member of the Telecom Valley association (created in the mid-1990s), the Centre is its administrator and has been very active, particularly through porting on behalf of the association Challenge Jeunes Pousses, which now bears the name of Isabelle Attali, the late Inria research director who initiated it.
  • Founding member of the "Plate-forme Telecom" association in 2011, in charge of the deployment and the operations dealing with LTE/IMS/M2M of Com4Innov in Sophia Antipolis.
    Inria was involved in the project's definition, and contributes to experimentation methods and measures tools. Inria brought its technologies and expertise to this initiative started by the SCS cluster, helping the development of the digital eco-system of our area.
  • A founding member of the Arcsis association, which supports the CIM-Paca platform.