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Overview of the ICST and Nano programmes of the French National Research Agency

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The French National Research Agency is expanding its ICST work in 2011-2013 and is organising an information campaign on programmes related to ICST, nanotechnologies and the "white" programme.

  • Date : 26/11/2010

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Speakers :

  • SpeakersMr Bertrand Braunschweig, head of the ICST Department (ANR)
  • Mr Mathieu Girerd, project manager in the ICST department (ANR)

Schedule :

Overview of the ANR (French National Research Agency), ICST and nanotechnologies
2011-2013 programmes:

  •  ICST programmes ICST programmes
  •  Nano programmes
  •  Non-subject-based and cross-disciplinary programmes
  • International ICST and nanotechnology programmes
  •  Arrangements for and responses to calls for projects.

Keywords: ANR (French National Research Agency) French National Research Agency (ANR) ICST Nano Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée