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Colloquium Jacques Morgenstern

Prof. Kalman "Can it be done in software ?"

Prof Kalman Prof Kalman

Professor Kalman will speak as part of the Colloquium Morgenstern, Thursday, September 25 at 11:00.

  • Date : 25/09/2014
  • Place : Inria, Sophia Antipolis, Amphithéâtre Morgenstern - Bâtiment Kahn
  • Guest(s) : Prof. Kalman
  • Organiser(s) : Inria, I3S, Polytech, UNS

The symbiosis of software with computer, sensors and actuators creates a new kind of physical engineering system. Robots used in space exploration and GPS - on the ground, GPS is just a "giant Kalman filter" - are great examples. But the future potential is difficult to estimate. One view - mine - is that the future depends on mathematics, on system theory broadly interpreted.. After recalling, very briefly, the successes and limitations of linear systems theory, I shall outline a broad pathway to the future, following and greatly expanding ideas from classical network "synthesis" (Foster, Cauer, Bode, Bott&Duffin), algebraic invariant theory (Hilbert), identification of contents of black boxes, more...

Keywords: Kalman Software Colloquium J. Morgenstern