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Richard Szeliski

Colloquium J. Morgenstern : Richard Szeliski (Facebook)


Richard Szeliski (Facebook) will speak as part of the Colloquium J. Morgenstern, September 12 at 11:00.

Title: "Visual Reconstruction and Image-Based Rendering".

Place : Inria, Sophia Antipolis, Kahn Building

Guest(s) : Richard Szelisk, Researcher, Computational Photography group at Facebook


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Eleventh International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Software Engineering

TASE Conference 2017

13/09/2017 to 15/09/2017

The 11th Theoretical Aspects of Software Engineering Conference (TASE 2017) will be back in Europe and will take place in Nice, France on September 13-15, 2017. TASE is an international symposium that aims to bring together researchers and developers from academia and industry with interest in the theoretical aspects of software engineering.

It is supported by the IEEE Computer Society and the IEEE Technical Committee on Software Engineering (IEEE TCSE).

Place : Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée

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Conference CobCom 2017

Computational Brain Connectivity Mapping

CoBCom 2017

20/11/2017 to 24/11/2017

The CoBCoM Winter School Workshop is targeted at graduate students, early career and senior researchers interested and working in structural and functional brain connectivities via multi imaging modalities including diffusion MRI, functional MRI, MEG, and EEG.

Place : Palais des congrès, Antibes-Juan les Pins


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Conférence Programming 2018

Programming 2018

Programming conference - 2018

9/04/2018 to 12/04/2018

The International Conference on the Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming is a new conference focused on programming topics including the experience of programming. 

‹Programming› 2018 is the second edition of the conference. The first edition took place in Brussels in April 2017.

Place : Nice


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