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Guiding the physician during cancer surgery

© LLTech The 3D viewer allows to visualize a Crohn’s disease structure not visible at the surface - © LLTech

The purpose of the ADOC project, involving the Galen research team, is to develop an imaging scanner providing guided diagnosis for cancer surgery. It’s labeled by the MEDICEN competitiveness cluster and funded (with respect to Inria) by the Île-de-France Region.

This translational research project will be conducted in collaboration between public partners (Inria, The Curie Institut and Hopital Tenon) and private companies (LLtech, Wizarbox).

A new imaging scanner allowing real time digital histology will be developed to assist the surgeon. The digital images will be used to give an indication to the surgeon, after a pathologist’ validation, on whether the surgical procedure shall be continued or stopped.

LLTech Company has designed cell imaging apparatus allowing to implement optical biopsies. These tissue and cell Imaging apparatus give morphologic images deep (1mm) in the living tissues with a record dimensional precision of 1 micron in all three dimensions.

The fact to be able to currently get the images under the universal medical Dicom format opens the door to an accurate digital handing of the data doing that we can extract, in real time, meaningful cell structure information’s to help the medical diagnostic and present these data to the doctor on the best ergonomic way possible.

The innovative features of the images (resolution, deep-tissue imaging, non-invasive system) associated with the introduction of intelligence in their presentation allow to consider an improved diagnosis. This study will reach the preclinical stage necessary to start further clinical studies to validate the system as diagnostic device.

Keywords: Cancer Saclay - Île-de-France Medicine Galen Nikos Paragios