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Inria Innovation Labs

Inria Saclay – Ile de France collaborates also extensively with innovative SMEs, either through bilateral contracts and/or  through joint research framework contracts , called Inria Innovation Lab (ex I-Lab), focusing on the technological bottlenecks facing the innovation strategy of an SME.

The center currently hosts two Inria Innovation Labs:


Inria Innovation Lab with Artelys, an innovative SME, and the Inria Tao research team, represented by Marc Schoenauer and Olivier Teytaud.
Inria Innovation Lab duration: 3 years.
Topic: optimisation methods for intelligent energy production.


Inria Innovation Lab with Silkan, a dynamic SME, and the Inria Commands team represented by Frederic Bonnans and Hasnaa Zidani.
Inria Innovation Lab duration: 3 years
Topic: parallel algorithm for the solution of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations.

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