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Transfer and Application of Technology

Innovation mission

The transfer of skills and the fruits of research to industry is a central Inria mission. The Institute therefore encourages and supports the technology transfer projects of its teams using the structure and tools it has provided for promoting such transfer and guiding project backers.

The Inria Saclay–Île-de-France centre has a department solely dedicated to transfer activities, the Department of Industrial Relations and the Application of Technology, which has three missions:

  • to guide researchers within the scope of their collaborative research agreements in France and elsewhere in Europe
  • to apply knowledge capital by developing and orienting the results of Inria research
  • to play a lasting role in the process initiated by the Investissement d'Avenir tech investment program of the French government, which involves working together with other research centres and industrial firms of the Saclay plateau

The centre develops software in many fields: health and biotech, energy, transportation, embedded systems, and security.

To promote this technology, it forges privileged relationships with the Systematic, Cap Digital, and Medicen business clusters for collaboration on priority research of strategic importance in connection with the Investissement d'Avenir program.

This means ties to Initiatives d'Excellence research structures like Paris–Saclay, Équipements d'Excellence facility expansion projects like Digiscope, and Laboratoires d'Excellence like Digiworlds and LMH.
 The centre also encourages the transfer of research capital via special arrangements contracted with SMEs. These companies may participate in the Inria Innovation Lab program, which connects their R&D efforts to scientific research teams.