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A center involved in the innovation community of the Saclay plateau

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A considerable proportion of the research conducted at Inria Saclay - Ile-de-France is geared towards meeting the technological needs of businesses. This is why we are constantly liaising with the socio-economic players in the region.

The Campus Paris Saclay Scientific Cooperation Foundation

The Fondation de coopération scientifique (FCS) is the cornerstone of the Campus Paris-Saclay project. Today, it brings together 23 players in research and higher education around a project of international excellence.
It is committed to the implementation of a common scientific cooperation strategy to develop research, training and innovation and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge, the development of answers to societal questions and the development of the knowledge economy.

Technology maturation offices

Inria is a founder member of the Digiteo Thematic Network for Advanced Research (RTRA) along with the French Atomic Energy Commission, the French National Centre for Scientific Research, Université Paris­Sud 11, the École Polytechnique and Supélec, who have just been joined by the École Normale Supérieure de Cachan and the École Centrale Paris.
 All of the project-teams at the Saclay - Île­de­France research centre are officially involved in the Digiteo Thematic Network for Advanced Research.
 One of the major objectives of the Digiteo Thematic Network for Advanced Research is to strengthen scientific and technological synergies between the research laboratories of its founder and associate members. In this respect, the Inria Saclay - Île-de-France research centre plays a fundamental role: it brings together a number of research teams, the majority of which are working in partnership with the other founder and associate members of the Digiteo Thematic Network for Advanced Research, which naturally gives it a prominent role in the development of these scientific synergies.
 Digiteo has developed its own technical and economic maturation programme called OMTE (technical and economic maturation operation). The centre is involved in around ten OMTE projects concerning its teams' technology transfer activities.
 Furthermore, since 2005, the Ile-de-France Region has been putting in place research financing systems organised into "Fields of Major Interest" (DIM or "Domaines d'Intérêt Majeur"). The Digiteo Thematic Network for Advanced Research manages the "Complex Systems and Software" DIM for the Île­de­France Region, and funds the projects supported within this framework when they reinforce the synergies between research teams and the members of the Thematic Network for Advanced Research.

Competitivity clusters & networks

Inria's two research centres in the Ile-de-France region play a particularly important role in the Systematic Paris­Region competitiveness cluster. They take part in the four thematic groups: Automobiles & Transport, System Design and Development Tools, Security & Defence, and Telecommunications. Inria has also taken part in all of the deliberations concerning the cluster's project on free software, which ultimately led to the creation of a fifth thematic group at Systematic.
 The Inria Saclay - Île-de-France research centre represents the institute in the Telecommunications and Security/Defence steering committees of the Systematic Paris­Region cluster. The centre's research teams are involved in projects concerning very-high-speed telecommunications, information systems security and the development of digital design tools.

Cap Digital  aims to put Paris and the Ile-de­France region among the world's very best clusters for creation, publishing, communication, processing and services for multimedia digital content and knowledge. The research teams at the Inria Saclay - Ile-de-France research centre are involved in the field of digital assets.

The ambition of Astech Paris Region is, through innovation, to build on its position as the leading European player in the Ile-de-France in the sectors of business aviation, space travel and propulsion. The themes of its work are as follows: Vehicle Architecture, Onboard Energy Sources, Training, Aircraft Maintenance, Materials and Processes, Test Methods, Propulsion and Equipment.

Medicen brings together all the major players from life sciences and health from the Paris region.

Advancity is the cluster for sustainable urban living and urban eco-technologies.

Inria Saclay - Île-de-France is a member of Opticsvalley. This association is a network based around a core community of 150 members, and its technology production activities encompass 1,100 businesses, 240 public research laboratories and 40 higher education establishments. The aim of the association is economic development in the Île-de-France region, and Opticsvalley pursues actions dedicated to business. These actions are devised and conducted with a view to offering support services for the development of business activities.


Inria Saclay - Île-de-France has been an associate member of the IncubAlliance incubator since 2005. IncubAlliance supports the creation and development of innovative companies associated with public research. It is the product of the 2005 merger of the Ile-de-France's public incubators IFSI and IdFI, and has been based in Orsay, just south of Paris, since June 2008.

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