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Scientific challenges

Our scientific challenges

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Inria organizes its research priorities based on the great issues of the digital society, such as digital sciences for large areas such as health, art, storage of massive data. To contribute, within its scientific, to societal challenges and economic issues of our time, Inria has developed its strategic plan "Towards Inria 2020".

Inria Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique research teams focus on six scientific priorities:

  • Software reliability: from determinism to stochasticity
  • High-resolution and high-speed bio-imaging and large-scale digital biology
  • Virtual human:simulation of human motor performance
  • Digital sciences and  factory of the futur
  • Storage and utilisation of distributed big data
  • Cyber-security

On four research themes :

  • Software and hardware for systems and networks with reliability, security and performance requirements
  • Data and interaction: multimedia data, management of large volumes of data, interaction between systems, real or virtual worlds and users
  • Mathematical and symbolic modeling for the environment, climate, energy and engineering
  • ICST for life sciences and health: robotics, bioinformatics and imaging

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