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Nathalie Lacaux - 25/05/2018

VivaTechnology 2018: feedback from the Rennes-based start-up Dilepix

Start up Dilepix à vivatech 2018 From left to right: Aurélien Yol & Alban Pobla from Dilepix and Eric Fleury, director of Inria De Paris

The third edition of the VivaTechnology trade show runs from 24th to 26th May in Paris. This international event brings together thousands of start-ups, directors and thought leaders from across the world in order for them to invest, work together and exchange ideas. The Rennes-based start-up Dilepix, a company that began life within the Inria research centre in Rennes, was one of twelve Inria start-ups to participate at this major innovation event. We met with the company’s founders, Aurélien Yol and Alban Pobla, to find out how they got on.

Alban, Aurélien, why were you so keen to participate at the 2018 edition of VivaTechnology ?

With 8,000 start-ups and 80,000 visitors, VivaTechnology is a benchmark when it comes to technological innovation in Europe and was an unmissable event on the business calendar for 2018, with a focus this year that was very much in keeping with what we do as a company: Artificial Intelligence, connected objects and robotics.  Through our participation, we were keen to talk about our company to the media and to major organisations with a view towards attracting new investment.

Could you tell us a bit more about what you did at the event?

We were visited by some major agricultural cooperatives, as well as by major firms from other industrial sectors interested in our technology. Investors with whom we had already been in contact came to speak with us about our development opportunities for the future and to catch up on what we’ve been doing. Lastly, we had the opportunity to chat with other start-ups with technology complementary to our own and with whom we might be able to develop new products.

The event is set to finish tomorrow. Could you tell us what you took away from the 2018 edition of VivaTechnology?

Major organisations are looking to start-ups to provide solutions when it comes to creating new products and services or to improve operational performance. Our presence at VivaTech gave us the opportunity to establish substantial contacts with potential future clients and investors and to discuss their expectations, in addition to validating our communication with these targets.

Dilepix provides solutions for the automatic analysis of surveillance images from fields, supplying alerts to farmers and growers.

Are those apricots ripe? Are those marrows under threat from insects? Have all of those cows had their share of feed? Previously, if farmers wanted answers to these questions, they would need to check for themselves. With its roots in research into robotic vision carried out at the Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique centre, Dilepix offers an online image analysis service which automates this surveillance, helping to save valuable time.

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