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Nathalie Lacaux - 30/09/2015

Erwan Faou receives SIAM's Germund Dahlquist 2015

Erwan Faou, Inria researcher

Erwan Faou, Inria researcher in the project-team IPSO, received last september 14 the Germund Dahlquist prize 2015,  on the occasion of the international conference  SciCADE2015 (Scientific Computation and Differential Equations) held in Potsdam (Germany).

Distributed by theSociety for Industrial and Applied Mathematics(SIAM) based in  Philadelphia (USA), this prize is awarded for original contributions to fields associated with Germund Dahlquist (1925-2005),  famous swedish mathematician known for his  pioneering works in the field of numerical analysis applied to differential equations.

Erwan Faou was awarded this prize for his works in geometric numerical integration, a field of numerical analysis and scientific computing aiming at preserving global physical properties of differential systems in numerical simulations.

The selection committee of the Germund Dahlquist prize"recognizes Erwan Faou for his impressive contributions in the numerical analysis of differential equations of different types, including multiscale expansions, molecular simulations, and long time analysis of stochastic differential equations. Particularly striking is his work on geometrical numerical methods for Hamiltonian partial differential equations where, as Dahlquist did, he relates stability to local accuracy.  His work is characterized by a deep insight in both the mathematical and the physics aspects of the underlying questions he addresses, which brings to mind Dahlquist’s trademark approach to problem solving. ” 

A prestigious award, that now adds to his ERC grant obtained in 2011 and his Blaise Pascal prize, awarded in 2013 by the Gamni-Smai group and the French Academy of Sciences.

Keywords: Germund Dahlquist INRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique Erwan Faou Award