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Catherine Jacques Orban & Nathalie Lacaux (*) - 23/10/2018

Back in pictures on the Science and Music Day

Journée Science et Musique

This Saturday, October 20, was held for its eighth edition, the Journée Science et Musique, at Le Diapason on the Beaulieu campus in Rennes. More than 500 visitors came to this closing event of the Festival des Sciences. Alone or with the family or even with the 3 generations gathered together, simple curious people or confirmed musicians, passionate about Science, high school students or students in search of knowledge, all came to meet Inria and IRISA researchers to discover the interactions of Digital and Music.

A program for all ages, orchestrated by researchers, teacher-researchers, doctoral students, postdoctoral and artists from here and abroad.

A day of immersion in the heart of Science and Music with:

Workshops that allowed children and adults alike to participate:

  • understand the principles of sampling and electronic sound mixing

  • to create a musical instrument using the famous Arduino microcontroller

  • to meet an electronic conductor for amateur ensembles

  • to discover an application to tune and visualize the music

  • to see how a water jet can be vibrated using a loudspeaker

Stands presenting a prototype of a laser harp, an audiovisual diving into the world of silence and a software to recompose tubes from the structure of music pieces.
Workshops in the village interactif allowed visitors to take the place of a conductor in the middle of a choir of burlesque skulls, to immerse themselves with a virtual reality headset, in a faithful reconstruction of the Rennes opera or to dive into the heart of a collaborative musical experience in virtual reality.

Conferences led by scientists who dealt with the challenge of playing just to music, an archaeological and acoustic encounter and finally the use of Antescofo technologies from its beginnings to a general public application.

This day of discoveries and exchanges was followed by the OOZ BAND band , a musical performance by VIS INSITA and finally by the much awaited concert of DOUR LE POTTIER and their guests Youenn Lange and Parveen Khan .

Keywords: Médiation Musique IRISA INRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique JSM Journée science et musique