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Mathieu Acher, chercheur au sein de l'équipe DIVERSE

Engineering - software

Managing Variability in Software Product Lines

Jean-Michel Prima - 26/11/2015

A routine practice in manufacturing for decades, the concept of product lines is now pervading the software industry. Vendors dream of deriving myriad variations of their software in order to meet specific customer demands and to address more market segments. Yet, managing the complexity of thousands options is no trivial challenge. At this juncture, the virtues of Model-Driven Engineering become all the more relevant, as French scientist Mathieu Acher explains.



Prix La recherche 2015

Awards - Research

The ASAP research team wins the 2015 Prix La Recherche

Nathalie Lacaux - 26/10/2015

The ASAP team's paper entitled "Archiving Cold Data in Warehouses with Clustered Network Coding, Actes de EuroSys 2014" has won the prize awarded by the magazine La Recherche in the "Computer Science" category. Launched 12 years ago, this prize aims to promote research spanning different scientific and technological disciplines.



© Inria / Photo J. M. Ramès


Stéphane Ubeda is nominated as the new director of the Inria Rennes Bretagne Atlantique’s research center

Nathalie Lacaux - 1/10/2015

Antoine petit, Inria’s CEO, has nominated Stéphane Ubeda as the new director of the Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique’s research center, replacing Bertrand Braunschweig from the october 1st 2015.



Erwan Faou, Inria researcher


Erwan Faou receives SIAM's Germund Dahlquist 2015

Nathalie Lacaux - 30/09/2015

Erwan Faou, Inria researcher in the project-team IPSO, received last september 14 the Germund Dahlquist prize 2015,  on the occasion of the international conference  SciCADE2015 (Scientific Computation and Differential Equations) held in Potsdam (Germany).



Conférence fOSSa 2015

Event - Openness

fOSSa 2015 in Nantes

Jean-Michel Prima - 7/09/2015

Created by Inria, fOSSa is a conference where scientists present the latest open source developments. The seventh edition takes place in Nantes from 23 to 25 September 2015. As explained by its co-ordinator, Stéphane Ribas, the event provides an opportunity to get a preview of the latest trends coming out of a flourishing ecosystem.



Salle d'opération virtuelle vue par un occulus Salle d'opération virtuelle vue par un occulus

Medecine - Virtual reality

Training Surgical Teams in a Virtual Operating Room

Jean-Michel Prima - 4/08/2015

Surgical education could greatly benefit from VR-based training systems. Yet, devising such simulators calls for innovative methods meant to model not just the surgical processes but also the medical knowledge and the doctor's multifaceted expertise. Overcoming these methodological deadlocks is the purpose of S3PM, a new research project carried out in Rennes, Brittany, France, by three scientific teams in conjunction with the University Hospital.


Sébastien Campion : “A dataset, an algorithm, and a result. These are the three keywords in the AllGo paradigm.” Sébastien Campion: “A dataset, an algorithm, and a result. These are the three keywords in the AllGo paradigm.”

Web technology

A new way to access Inria applications

Jean-Michel Prima - 30/07/2015

Launched by the Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique Research Centre, A||GO is a platform intended to facilitate the use of applications developed by the Institute at the national level. As research engineer Sébastien Campion explains, scientists in many fields, businesses and individuals will soon be able to launch tasks via a simple web interface.



Benoit Baudry, chercheur Inria

Research - Privacy

Helping Web Users Thwart Sneaky Browser Fingerprinting

Jean-Michel Prima - 23/07/2015

Billions of people surf the web. Surprisingly enough, almost everyone uses a uniquely customized browser. These small  differences are tantamount to a distinct digital fingerprint that can be surreptitiously collected by a new breed of inquisitive programs, spurring privacy concerns. A scientist at Inria research center in Rennes, Brittany, France, Benoît Baudry holds that software diversity is also at the crux of the solution against such prying tools.



Alan Schmitt, chercheur au sein de l'équipe CELTIQUE

Awards and distinctions

Alan Schmitt receives the Most Influential POPL Paper Award

Nathalie Lacaux - 24/04/2015

Alan Schmitt, an Inria researcher working in the Celtique research team, has recently received the Most Influential POPL Paper Award. This award recognises a paper that he co-authored in 2005 as being the most influential paper ten years after its publication. We asked him for his comments.



Poppy's construction

Scientific awareness

Discovery weekend: come and build a robot!

mdv - 24/03/2015

On the 4th and 5th of April 2015, six scientific culture centres invite you to join in and help build Poppy, Inria's little open source robot.