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Research - Modelling - Images

The brain of Cro-Magnon versus Modern Man: a matter of size

Nathalie Lacaux - 26/01/2011

A multidisciplined team comprised of researchers from Inria, the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the French National Museum of Natural History has unveiled for the first time a study on changes in the brain during the evolution of our species, Homo sapiens, over the last 30,000 years.



Bernhard Grill faisant

Signal – Telephone - Videoconferencing

HD sound for telecoms

C. Bachelet - 12/01/2011

Improve sound quality in videoconferences and on the telephone: such is the new challenge set by German national Bernhard Grill, co-inventor of the MP3 format and director of the audio department at the Fraunhofer Institute for integrated circuits. The problem is far from straightforward, as he explained during the multimedia signal conference (MMSP), organised by Inria, at Saint-Malo, in October 2010.



Neuronavigateur Syneika

Development - Images - Medicine

Syneika® is ISO 13485 certified and has obtained the EC marking for the Syneika One neuronavigator.

Gérard Paget - 10/12/2010

An important step for this Inria start-up as it receives its first orders.


André Seznec © INRIA / Photo G. Favier - Agence Vu

European Research Council 2010

André Seznec: defying the laws of computing

Gérard Paget - 3/12/2010

Since 1983, André Seznec has focused his research on the architecture of computers. With his Inria - Université de Rennes 1 joint team, this recognised researcher works on enhancing performance and making parallel architectures more accessible. He recently received the ERC European grant in the "advanced grant" category. Interview with the scientist.



 © J-M. Prima © J-M. Prima

Technology - Sound - Images

Automatic evaluation of perceived quality

Jean-Michel Prima - 24/11/2010

How can you determine, in real time, whether the video or sound experienced by users is good or bad quality without asking them? In Rennes, research conducted by Inria makes it possible to automate the measurement of this perception. This innovation has an immediate application in the telecoms sector, where the start-up Perceptiva Lab will market services incorporating this technology.



Benoît Baudry, project-team Triskell © J-M. Prima Benoît Baudry - © J-M. Prima

Research - Software engineering

Models for professional software

Jean-Michel Prima - 20/11/2010

Model engineering aims to develop abstractions in order to design software more easily. The long march towards standardisation has begun, but the edges of this field still remain to be explored, as explained by Benoît Baudry, Inria researcher within the TRISKELL project-team.




Technology - Embedded systems

Polychrony, a toolbox for embedded systems

Jean-Michel Prima - 10/11/2010

Built around the Signal language, Polychrony facilitates the integrated development of real-time embedded applications. It is the outcome of a long cycle of research on formal modelling, as explained by the scientists of the Espresso project-team.



Anatole Lecuyer - Salle de réalité virtuelle © INRIA - Photo G. Favier - Agence Vu  Anatole Lecuyer - Salle de réalité virtuelle © Inria - Photo G. Favier - Agence Vu

Virtual Reality - 3D

Improving user interaction with 3D worlds

Laurent Rabier - 28/09/2010

Anatole Lécuyer, of the BUNRAKU project-team, has recently been awarded the habilitation to advise doctoral theses devoted to interaction with virtual worlds. This is an area where researchers work simultaneously on hardware, software, ergonomics, human perception and applications in real life.