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Immersion into virtual reality with Immersia

Simulation hand © INRIA / C. Lebedinsky

The INRIA Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique research center has Immersia, a virtual reality immersion platform. This technological tool (10 meters long), is one of the largest virtual reality rooms in the world.

The Immersia virtual reality room is made up of a 10x3 metre front screen and two 3x3 metre side projection surfaces. Images are projected onto these screens from behind in order to avoid shadows and thus increase the user's immersion. A projection on the ground will also contribute to improved immersion. It will maintain stereoscopic vision for total immersion. The position of users in the environment is identified and monitored by infrared cameras, which permits greater interaction.

Thanks to this new virtual reality platform, the Bunraku team has initiated the structuring of the French and European community in the field of virtual reality and maintains numerous international collaborations. The platform is an important element of the Visionair European project (Vision advanced infrastructure for research) in the Infrastructures programme of the 7th  European FPRTD.

Keywords: Réalité Virtuel Immersion Technology Platform