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Educational actions

Mutual enrichment - More than 70 interventions

Inria researchers regularly meet with teachers, bringing the world of computer science and mathematics research closer to that of secondary education. Teachers who wish to be are thus kept up to date with the latest research news and results and the associated social issues.

Meetings take place several times a year - during meetings of mathematics departments, for instance. Particular attention is paid to young teachers.

More than 70 meetings have been organised in recent years.  

The initiative undertaken with the Versailles educational district was recently strengthened through the development of joint continuous education programmes for secondary school teachers.

As the years have gone by, the range of actions pursued with the Versailles educational district has expanded to the extent that genuine joint projects are now underway.

Joint projects

The educational district has become a relay for the promotion of research , particularly that pursued by Inria. The institute has contributed to the production of two issues of Doc Sciences magazine.
Other joint projects have also been undertaken, such as the creation of a course in "Computer Science and Digital Objects ", for which Inria researchers have contributed to the training of mathematics and IST teachers participating in this experiment for 16-year-old pupils. A comparable initiative was undertaken in 2010, with the aim of setting up training for mathematics and IST teachers in how to teach computer science.
All of these actions make it possible to approach computer science and mathematics from another angle and thus change the way in which they are taught. The development and use of Scilab computation software in secondary school classes is one illustration.

In order to ensure sustained distribution of the software and use of the tools made available to pupils, the Versailles educational district signed a partnership agreement with Scilab-Digiteo (created by Inria) at the start of 2010.

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