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Two Inria-EVA projects make it to IPSO CHALLENGE semi-finals

Two projects proposed by the Inria-EVA team made it into the semi-finals of the 2015 IPSO CHALLENGE! The "IP for Smart Objects (IPSO) Alliance" holds an annual contest to show what is possible utilizing the Internet Protocol (IP) and open standards in building the Internet of Things (IoT). The IPSO CHALLENGE has become the reference competition of its domain. The 10 semi-finalist projects will compete in the finals in San Jose, California, on December 1st, 2015. May the best innovation win!

MicroPnP: Plug and Play Peripherals for the Internet of Things 

Creating Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications still remains complex. Micro Plug-and-Play (MicroPnP) tackles this complexity problem by offering a near-zero configuration approach that empowers ordinary end-users to quickly take their infrastructure online and into the IoT. MicroPnP facilitates this process by automatically identifying all connected embedded peripherals on an IoT device and installing their corresponding driver software over the air. The identification approach is ultra low power and low cost as it consumes 1 million times less power than USB and does not require specialized peripheral hardware. The MicroPnP software stack is fully IETF standards-based (IEEE802.15.4e, IPv6 (6LoWPAN), CoAP, JSON), and therefore integrates easily with third-party solutions. In combination with Linear Technology's SmartMesh IP, MicroPnP achieves 10 years of battery lifetime and 99.999% end-to-end reliability.


HeadsUp! - Monitoring the Post-Surgery Position of Retinal Detachment Patients

Pneumatic retinopexy is an effective surgery to treat retinal detachment. Its downside is that it requires the patient to keep his/her head in a specific position for 1-3 weeks. This is very physically and emotionally unpleasant, as the patient is constantly in fear of dozing off for a couple of hours in the wrong position, which, in the worst case, can result in the loss of sight. The HeadsUp! project proposes an IP-enabled Smart Object which revolutionizes this post-surgery experience. It continuously and wirelessly reports the position of the head to a computer, which emits a warning directly and/or through other IP-enabled objects when the head exceeds the tolerance for the recommended position. The system, built upon Linear Technology's SmartMesh IP, can also alert the ophthalmologist to the excursion so that he/she can intervene.

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