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A.A. (*) - 6/02/2018

Revolutionary AI music startup Antescofo is finalist in the SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event

Barely four months after the introduction of Metronaut, its first mobile application, Antescofo, a startup spun off from Inria’s Paris research centre, is one of the five finalists in the Entertainment and Content Technologies category of SXSW’s Accelerator Pitch Event. What is Metronaut’s goal? Making artificial intelligence available to musicians so they never have to play alone.

The French startup Antescofo was selected from among the five finalists of the tenth annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Accelerator Pitch Event in the category Entertainment & Content to present its mobile application, Metronaut.

The US festival, which mixes music, film and innovative technologies, will be held in Austin, Texas on 9-18 March 2018 and brings together startups from around the world to share their most impressive technological innovations. More than 600 companies applied to participate in its top competition, the SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event, and Antescofo was chosen among 50 finalists in ten categories.

The first French startup to be selected in the Entertainment and Content Technologies category, Antescofo will demonstrate its mobile intelligent and interactive musical accompaniment application Metronaut to a panel of hand-picked judges and an audience of investors from around the world on the weekend of 10-11 March.

Metronaut, the application that listens to musicians to better accompany them

Listening to music is good, but playing it is better, and that’s what Antescofo can do, thanks to its unique artificial intelligence technology. The goal of Metronaut, its first, free mobile application, is to enable musicians to never play alone again!

Metronaut offers musicians and singers of all ages and levels an accompaniment by an orchestra or musicians who listen to them and adapt the tempo of the accompaniment to their performance in real time, just as live musicians would do.

The application, tested with numerous teachers and conservatory students during its development phase, is a tool for musicians which lets them choose the tempo of the accompaniment with the touch of a finger, adapt a selection for their instrument or choose where to begin in the score, all the while having content that is adapted to their performance.

The Antescofo team, a combination of the best of research and entrepreneurship

The algorithm for listening and synchronising with the musician in real time was developed over more than seven years by a joint team from CNRS, Inria, UPMC and Ircam, one of the largest laboratories in the world for music and sound sciences and technologies. Three of Antescofo’s co-founders, Arshia Cont, Philippe Cuvillier and José Echeveste, teamed up on its development, which included working with world-renown musicians. The fourth co-founder, Laurent Tran Van Lieu, serial entrepreneur who previously founded Studialis, joined the team in 2016.

In brief

  • Four co-founders, Arshia Cont, Philippe Cuvillier, José Echeveste and Laurent Tran Van Lieu, and a small team of collaborators
  • Incubation at Agoranov  (75006) and part of the Founders’ Program of Station F
  • 2016 iLab Prize  – BPI France & Ministry of Research
  • Available in theApp Store since September 2017
  • Available for Android in early 2018

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