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The Dynamo Project: predictive medicine for Alzheimer's disease

Thanks to the Dynamo (DYNAmic Models) Project, Stanley Durrleman, researcher at the Inria Paris Research centre (in the Aramis project team), and Professor Harald Hampel aim to create a digital model of changes in the brain as Alzheimer's disease progresses, hoping to develop a high-precision predictive medicine tool.

The Dynamo Project: a ground-breaking project in partnership with the ICM'sCercle des Amis(Friends of the ICM)

The project is based on the capabilities for collecting and analysing data from thousands of people suffering from, or at risk of developing, Alzheimer's disease. This big data, cross-referenced in extremely accurate dynamic mathematical models, may reveal the most reliable biomarkers for Alzheimer's and the mechanisms at work in the disease.

The goal is to create a computer tool for use by doctors that can diagnose the disease as early as possible, and produce a personalised prognosis for each patient. What makes the project so pioneering is the alliance between neuroscience and medicine and the extraordinary possibilities opened up by mathematics and computer science.

Within the framework of this exciting project, we invite donors to support the project, and contribute to financing Dynamo and thus help our researchers rise to this ambitious challenge, one which holds out so much hope for so many people: > Support the Dynamo Project<.

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