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Google Fellowship 2018


Antoine Miech of Willow project team awarded 2018 Google Fellowship

Antoine Miech of the Willow project team has been awarded the prestigious 2018 Google Fellowship in the field of “Machine Perception, Speech Technology and Computer Vision”.

Can you tell us about your background?

I’m a trained engineer with a specialisation in data science. In my final year of study, I did an internship with the Willow project team where I had the opportunity to work under the supervision of Ivan Laptev and Josef Sivic. I immensely enjoyed both the working environment and project proposed to me during the internship.

As a result, I decided to embark upon my thesis with Inria and the IT department at the top French university École Normale Supérieure immediately afterwards, in November 2016.

You are a recipient of the 2018 Google Fellowship. Can you tell us about the award?

The aim of Google’s PhD Fellowship programme is to create and foster close ties between the world of academic research and research at Google.

To achieve this, every year Google offers scholarships to some thirty PhD students worldwide. The fellowship covers a broad spectrum of research areas in information technology, such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, algorithms and even human-computer interaction.

Which research project did you present?

The topic of my thesis is related to artificial vision. My research will contribute to the optimisation of video understanding by machines. This includes a wide variety of applications, such as video recommendation; indexing, classifying and sorting video databases; automated monitoring of videos; autonomous vehicles and personal assistants.

One of my main projects, which I believe is the reason why I received this award, is a neural network model specialised in the classification of videos found on Internet sites like YouTube. This model obtained the best results in a video classification task for hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos, which is of particular significance.

How will you benefit from the scholarship?

First and foremost, it’s a real source of pride for me to receive such an award because the programme is extremely selective (for example, in 2018 only two French PhD students received the fellowship). In addition, it will increase the visibility of my research and enable me to forge close ties with Google Research, one of the global leaders in artificial intelligence.

In practical terms, this fellowship will provide me with significant financial support, allowing me to attend a range of international conferences, for example.

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