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Animesh Pathak and members of the ARLES project team win the RATP 'Mashup 2013' prize

Animesh Pathak Animesh Pathak - © Inria / A. Pathak

At the RATP OpenDataLab competition, held on 24 and 25 May, a team made up of Sara Hachem, Giorgios Mathioudakis, George Rosca and Animesh Pathak, from the Arles project team, and assisted by Valérie Issarny and the company, Ambientic, was awarded the 'Mashup' prize for its 'neverBLate' application. The purpose of this open competition is to improve the services provided by the public transport operator, RATP.

What does the Mashup prize aim to reward?

Animesh Pathak : The RATP recently released some of its data in a standard open data format and organised a competition called, 'OpenDataLab Paris', inviting participants to develop applications based on this data. The purpose of this prize was to reward the team that had designed the best 'mashup' application; that is to say, an application that makes use of the best aspects of existing services to create a new one. This competition took the form of a 'hackathon' in which teams have to create applications in a limited amount of time, in our case 48 hours. We also received €2500 in prize money.

How did the idea of taking part in this competition come about? And how did the neverBLate application come about?

Animesh Pathak : We found out about this competition during our work on Travel Dashboard EIT ICT Labs with our colleagues from Ambientic, an SME. The idea behind the neverBLate application arose during discussions with Pierre-Guillaume Raverdy at Ambientic. The application lets the user find the best route between point A and point B even if he has to make a detour on the way to buy a bottle of wine for a dinner party, for instance. We based the app on personal and day-to-day experience as who has never forgotten to buy a bottle of wine for a dinner party?

Has this prize opened up any new horizons?

Animesh Pathak : It has encouraged those in the Arles project team to pursue their work on smart cities. We are currently improving the neverBLate application with more open data sources as part of the 'Moov' In the City' competition organised by Paris City.

Keywords: Application NeverBLate RATP Transportation